ULTEM Injection Molding Parts processed by J&L

High Performing Material

ULTEM is a high-performing injection molding material offering many benefits. Its unique properties make it suitable for demanding applications across different industries. J&L has experience supplying ULTEM injection molding parts and will help you realize the following benefits:

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Mechanical Strength

ULTEM exhibits exceptional mechanical strength making it an ideal choice for applications requiring high structural integrity. It has high tensile strength and modulus and will withstand heavy loads and resist deformation.

Heat Resistance

One of the most significant advantages of ULTEM is its exceptional heat resistance. It has a high glass transition temperature (Tg) of around 217°C to 225°C, which is much higher than most other thermoplastic materials. This enables ULTEM parts to maintain their structural integrity and dimensional stability even at elevated temperatures.

Flame Retardancy

ULTEM possesses excellent flame-retardant properties making it a preferred choice for applications where fire safety is crucial. It meets various flammability standards, including UL94 V-0.

Chemical Resistance

Another advantage of ULTEM is its exceptional resistance to chemicals including acids, bases, and solvents. It can withstand exposure to a wide range of aggressive substances without undergoing significant degradation or loss of mechanical properties.

Dimensional Stability

ULTEM exhibits excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. It has minimal thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring that injection molded parts maintain their shape and size even under fluctuating temperature conditions. This is crucial for applications where tight tolerances and precise fit are critical.


Despite its exceptional mechanical properties, ULTEM is relatively lightweight compared to other engineering thermoplastics. This characteristic is beneficial in industries where weight reduction is a priority, such as aerospace and automotive. By specifying ULTEM in injection molded parts, engineers can achieve the desired strength and performance while minimizing overall weight.

Sterilization Compatibility

ULTEM is compatible with various sterilization methods, including autoclaving, gamma radiation, and ethylene oxide.

Design Flexibility

ULTEM can be injection molded into complex shapes and intricate geometries providing designers flexibility in part design. It permits intricate features, thin walls, and tight tolerances.

Regulatory Compliance

ULTEM meets industry standards and regulations including FDA compliance for food contact applications and USP Class VI approval for medical applications.

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