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Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs)Behave Like Rubber

TPEs are a versatile class of materials that offer many benefits when used in the injection molding process. J&L Plastic Molding can help achieve these key advantages:

Flexibility and Elasticity

TPEs exhibit excellent flexibility and elasticity. They can be be molded into complex shapes and intricate designs. TPEs may be stretched and compressed without permanent deformation. They are ideal for applications that require dynamic movements or sealing capabilities.

Wide Range of Hardness

TPEs come in a range of durometers from very soft and rubber-like to more rigid grades.

Chemical Resistance

TPEs have good resistance to chemicals, oils, and solvents. They will withstand exposure to automotive fluids, household cleaning agents, and many industrial chemicals without significant degradation.

Weather Resistance

TPEs can show excellent weatherability. They may retain mechanical properties and appearance when exposed to harsh environmental conditions. TPEs are well-suited for outdoor applications.

Soft-touch and Grip

TPEs can provide a soft and comfortable tactile feel. They are popular for applications where a pleasant touch is desirable. TPEs offer enhanced grip characteristics. They improve user ergonomics and reduce slippage. TPEs are used in handles, grips, and overmolded parts.

Design Freedom

TPEs exhibit excellent flow properties. They allow for thin walls, fine details, and overmolding with other materials. This design freedom opens up opportunities for innovative product development and customization.

Thermoplastic Vulcanizates – TPV

Thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) are part of the TPE family of polymers. They are closest in elastomeric properties to EPDM thermoset rubber. TPVs combine the characteristics of vulcanized rubber with the processing properties of thermoplastics.

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