Liquid Crystal Polymer – LCP Injection Molding Parts processed by J&L.

Thin Wall Molding and Stable Dimensions

LCP provides high-temperature performance in thin-wall applications with precise and stable dimensions. LCP is inherently flame-resistant with good resistance to chemical and oxidation. It has high tensile strength and tensile modulus. J&L Plastic Molding will help you realize these benefits:

Thin Wall LCP Injection Molding

LCP has excellent flow characteristics. It can fill intricate thin walls and fine details.

Low Warpage and Shrinkage

LCP injection molding parts have low warp and shrink rates compared to other polymers. This results in dimensionally stable parts.

High Strength and Stiffness

LCP exhibits excellent mechanical properties, including high strength and stiffness. It can withstand high loads and resist deformation.

Chemical Resistance

LCP has exceptional chemical resistance. It can be exposed to harsh environments, chemicals, and solvents. It will resist degradation ensuring the longevity and reliability.

Thermal Stability

LCP possesses excellent thermal stability and can withstand high operating temperatures without significant deformation or loss of mechanical properties.

Dimensional Stability

LCP has low coefficient of thermal expansion. It will show minimal dimensional changes with temperature variations.

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  • Vectra LCP
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