Insert Molding & Overmolding Parts Processed at J&L

Insert molding permits additional components, such as threaded inserts and metal parts, to be processed into injection molded components. This process offers advantages for mechanical engineers and manufacturers. Below are insert molded and overmolded parts processed at J&L.

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J&L will help you realize the benefits of Insert Molded and Overmolded parts:

  • Enhanced Strength: Inserting threaded inserts or metal components improves the overall strength and durability of a part. The inserts provide a solid anchor point, resulting in better load-bearing capacity and resistance to deformation or breakage.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce production costs by eliminating the need for secondary assembly operations. The number of parts and assembly steps can be reduced, saving time and labor expenses.
  • Design Flexibility: Molding in inserts allows for greater design freedom. Complex geometries, internal threads, and metal reinforcements are possible. This versatility permits innovative product design and improved component functionality.
  • Reduced Weight: The use of lightweight plastic materials and inserting metal only where necessary, insert molding decreases weight without compromising strength or functionality.

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