Breakaway Cap Component Case Study

A manufacturer of Portable Test Kits and Instruments to detect and quantify contaminants in soil, water and oil required a new Breakaway Cap for use in the field.

The Breakaway Cap Project

The challenge for this injection molding project was to design and build Tooling to process, eject and de-gate the Breakaway Cap.

Part Specifications

Material SpecPolypropylene
Polymer MaterialPro-Fax 6323

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Domestic Tooling

The Tool was made in Connecticut. The Tooling Approval and Sampling were completed at J&L. J&L’s in-house Toolroom will handle all Tool Maintenance.

Tool Specifications

# Cavities4 Cavity Mold
Tool MaterialHardened H13 Cavity and Core
Mold BaseDME style frame
GatingHot Tip


To De-Gate the parts from the runner system, J&L uses end-of-arm robotics to pick the runner system and parts from the mold. The end-of-arm robotics then positions the runner system and parts to a cutting fixture to separate the parts from the runner system.

See the De-Gating Video:

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